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2019 Spring Tire Rebates

Mar 15, 2019 – Jun 30, 2019

Tire Rebates available now thru to May 31. Go on-line or see in-store for details.

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2019 Spring Tire Rebates

Mar 15, 2019 – Jun 30, 2019

Tire Rebates available now thru to May 31. Go on-line or see in-store for details.

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Automotive Maintenance and Repair. Professional Quality, Hometown Service

  • Battery and Charging System

    Vehicle charging systems consist of the Alternator, a Voltage Regulator, the battery, the inter-connecting wiring, sensors and serpentine belts. Modern vehicles use a ton of electricity to send power to the starter motor to start the ignition and run all the other modern electrical equipment in today's vehicles. Automotive batteries are rechargeable and require a charging system to keep it topped up, this is where the alternator comes in. If one of the components in the charging system stops working and your battery dashboard warning light comes on your battery may soon be drained. That dashboard light doesn’t always mean the alternator has failed, it could also mean the battery may have a bad cell and is preventing it from recharging.When you start to notice an electrical system power drain when under heavy electrical use (using wipers, heater, lights, phone charger or dvd player all together) or a ‘sluggishness’ when starting your car contact your car repair specialists at Almar
  • Brake Maintenance and Brake Repairs

    The brakes on every vehicle are a normal wearable system and will require a brake maintenance service and/or periodic replacement of parts depending on your driving habits. Symptoms of brake problems may include: low brake fluid level, dragging or sticking brakes, a brake squeal, a pulsating brake pedal, grinding noises, a low brake pedal or pulling when applying the brakes. Having our licensed automotive mechanics perform a brake inspection on your vehicle will keep you up to speed on the condition of your braking system. This will let you plan ahead for that brake maintenance service or brake repair, so your brakes don’t get to the ‘metal-on-metal must be done now’ unplanned surprise. When you start to notice longer stopping distances or noises contact your automotive service provider. They can do a brake inspection and pin-point what’s not stopping you.
  • Check Engine Light Diagnostics and Repair

    The dash light symbols are your vehicles way of communicating with you for automotive maintenance or car repair. Green light, yellow light, red light…like traffic lights, your dash lights indicate similar meanings. A green or blue dash light is generally a normal operating colour that may indicate high beam lights or low washer fluid. A yellow or orange dash light typically indicates medium importance that should be assessed as soon as possible. And a red (or beeping or flashing red, yellow or orange) dash light indicates a serious malfunction or safety hazard that requires urgent attention. Pull over as soon as safely possible, turn off the ignition and seek immediate service.Don’t ignore that check engine dash light, and especially don’t cover it up with a piece of tape, you won’t see it if it starts flashing or if any other dash lights come on too. If any of the dash lights start flashing and beeping then it’s time to pull over immediately and call that tow truck!
  • Exhaust and Muffler

    The exhaust system on modern vehicles is designed to carry toxic and noxious gases away from the passenger compartment of the vehicle. The exhaust system also contributes to providing the best possible fuel efficiency, cut emissions and keep the engine running smoothly. The worst enemy of an exhaust system is corrosion or rust caused by moisture reacting internally and externally with the iron in the steel of the components. The exhaust system in today’s vehicles that may be included in an exhaust repair can comprise of an exhaust manifold, the exhaust manifold gasket set, catalytic converters, intermediate pipes, a resonator pipe, oxygen sensors, the exhaust muffler assembly, a tail pipe, bolt and spring kits, hangers, various gaskets and insulators. When you start to notice noise, strange smells or poor gas mileage contact us for an exhaust system inspection and exhaust repair where required. We can pin-point the fault before the vehicle wakes up the neighbourhood!
  • Heating and Air Conditioning

    Modern vehicles are designed to have a constant flow of fresh air that keeps the windows clear and the interior comfortable to a chosen temperature even with the windows closed. Lack of heat in the winter can require car repairs to the; sensors, thermostat, heater core, fan and blower motor, or the directional flow actuators and air blend doors. Sometimes small animals can make their way into the vent pipes and hoses and set up house. Lack of cold air when the air conditioning is activated in the summer requires different diagnostics, mechanical services and automotive repairs to an entirely different set of components even though the air conditioning basically shares the same air delivery system of blower motor and flow actuators. By law, leak tests and air conditioning repairs can only be performed by someone with Ozone Depletion Prevention (ODP) training and an ODP certificate with equipment capable of collecting and capturing ozone depleting substances.
  • Oil Change and Maintenance Inspection

    Our extreme hot and cold Canadian climate puts us into the ‘severe driving conditions’ category in your car maintenance schedule. Engine oil and the special additives in the oil will start to break down over time and use and become less effective in protecting your vehicles engine – so time is as important as mileage. Professional automotive repair centers, like ours, usually offer lots of extra benefits when performing an oil change. Most car repair facilities will also do an automotive maintenance inspection and give you a full written report of the inspection. Following your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended oil change schedule will prolong the life of your car and keep your automotive warranty in effect. We use parts and fluids that meet or exceed manufacturer’s specifications. So, having your oil change performed here will not void any manufacturer’s warranties.
  • Other Fluid Services

    Transmission fluid, engine oil, power steering fluid, engine coolant or anti-freeze and brake fluids are your vehicles life blood. And like blood, these fluids have vehicle specific ‘types’. These fluids are utilized in lubricating and cooling and will break down over time and may require maintenance due to moisture, contamination or extreme operating temperatures and conditions. A fluid change is basically a drain and fill, draining out the old fluid and replacing with new. To fully flush those systems, on the other hand, requires an additional step. This extra step involves rinsing and cleaning the entire system by running clean fluid with specialized cleaners through the system with the help of designated flush equipment. Performing a true fluid flush helps ensure there are no contaminants, or at least is little as possible, left in the system when the new fluid is added.
  • Pings, Clangs, Rattles and Bangs

    Unusual noises, funny odors, strange drips and dash lights are your vehicles way of communicating with you. We speak fluent car! Some of the auto languages and dialects we provide translation and interpretation for include; Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, Jeep, Kia, Lincoln, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Pontiac, Ram, Subaru and Toyota. Every dash light, funny smell, strange drip or unusual sound that your vehicle makes is telling you something about your car. Knowing the language of your car can help you determine what is a serious system failure, malfunction or safety hazard that requires urgent, immediate attention and what can wait. We are car repair specialists who speak car and can interpret those messages and pin-point the problem for you. We have provided professional, experienced, cost-effective translation, interpretation, diagnostics, automotive maintenance and car repair services in Barrie for over 20 years. Call, click or drop in!
  • Engine and Driveline

    The Powertrain of your vehicle includes of all the components (engine, transmission, driveshaft, differentials ect) that generate power and deliver it to the wheels. These components experience and create huge amounts of energy, stress and heat. And when all these systems are working together at peak performance we rarely pay attention to them. But when something doesn’t feel or sound right we know we might potentially be heading into trouble. And trouble with an engine or transmission usually comes with a hefty price tag. It is our mission to provide you with professional, quality automotive maintenance, car repairs and advise to help you avoid major engine and driveline malfunctions. We use OE or better parts and fluids; we have professional, licensed auto mechanics and can provide expert automotive maintenance and car repairs whether your vehicle is brand new or decades old.
  • Safety Inspections

    Ministry of Transportation Safety Standard CertificationIn Ontario, there are a few reasons you may require a safety standard inspection pass and certificate to plate a vehicle. The most frequent is when transferring a vehicle to a new owner (unless the new owner is your spouse). This safety standard certificate confirms that the vehicle has met the provincial minimum safety standards on the date it was issued. Whether you’re purchasing or selling a vehicle, our licensed, qualified automotive mechanics will provide an unbiased safety inspection, a detailed written report and explanation of the results.
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection

    Experts agree that when buying a used car the smartest thing you can do is to take that car to your favourite auto mechanic and have it inspected BEFORE you hand over your hard earned cash. Having a professional, licensed auto mechanic inspect the car before you buy it will tell you both what’s wrong with it and what’s right with it! Most sellers know this too. Having a reliable third party thoroughly inspect the car and give it a ‘clean bill of health’ is an additional selling point for them and peace of mind for you. You will have more trust and familiarity with your ‘new to you’ vehicle purchase and the more you know the happier you will be with that purchase!
  • Post-Purchase Inspection you didn’t or couldn’t for whatever reason, get that all important pre-purchase inspection done and bought the car either Certified or as is, what now? It might be too late to be able to negotiate on the price but you can still get the entire scoop on what’s wrong or what’s right with your ‘new to you’ car. Your favourite auto mechanic or trusted car repair specialist can still do a condition inspection. Find out what automotive maintenance service or car repairs your vehicle may require now or what may be coming up in the near future. You will have more trust and familiarity with your ‘new to you’ vehicle purchase and the more you know the happier you will be with that purchase!
  • Suspension and Steering

    The suspension and steering systems on your vehicle is what’s responsible for keeping your wheels firmly intact with the ground. If your vehicle’s steering and suspension isn’t working properly, you’re in for a very bumpy, unpredictable ride! The suspension system of modern vehicles comprises of coil springs, sometimes leaf springs or torsion bars in a truck or larger vehicle, shock absorbers or struts, mounts and linkages that connect the vehicle to the wheels and controls the motion between the two. The suspension impacts the vehicles road handling capabilities, tire wear and ride quality. If not for the ‘power assist’ in power steering we’d all have arms the size of weight lifters. The steering systems in today’s cars consist of an electric or hydraulic power steering rack, tie rods, idler arms, various other linkages, the steering column and steering wheel. Faults in either of these systems can also adversely affect the caster, camber or toe otherwise known to as wheel alignment.

Tire Sales, Service and Repair. Professional Quality, Hometown Service

  • Tire and wheel sales

    We have access to an incredible amount of tires, alloy and steel rims. We can help you decipher what brand and type of tire best suit your vehicle, your driving habits and the conditions you drive in and on. Call, click or drop in, we’re happy to help.
  • Tire rotation

    Tires are expensive to replace, so rotating your tires at regular intervals will help increase the life and performance of your tires.
  • Tire Change Over

    When is a good time to change over your tires? Easy way to remember when it’s time…on with the candy at Halloween…off with the candy at Easter. Or another way is when we switch daylight savings and standard time. Ride safe, ride smart.
  • Tire Repair

    A tire that has a 6mm or less puncture or cut in the repairable area can safely be repaired. The tire will need to be replaced for larger punctures, or holes and cuts on the shoulder or sidewall of the tire.
  • Winter Tires

    Nothing is better for traction and control on snow and ice than winter tires marked with the peaked mountain and snowflake symbol on the sidewall. The advanced rubber composition and aggressive tread design gives superior performance over all-season tires. Make sure to remind your insurance company, they offer policy discounts when you use winter tires.
  • Wheel Alignments

    A wheel alignment is a simple description for a relatively complicated, complex process that brings your vehicles suspension back into proper position. A correctly aligned vehicle will help avoid excessive tire wear, drivability and control problems in all road and weather conditions.
  • Tire Storage

    Off season tires should be stored upright (to help retain shape), in a cool, dry place away from sunlight, extreme heat and ozone sources (electric motors). If you have to store your tires flat (one on top of the other), make sure the weight is not crushing the bottom tire. Store them clean, dry, free of gas, grease or other substances that can deteriorate rubber.


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About us

We can help make owning, operating and maintaining your vehicle easier and more affordable. Regular maintenance and periodic repair of your car does not have to be expensive or inconvenient.

We’ll get to know you, your driving habits and your vehicle. Taking the time to accomplish this allows us to help you maintain and repair your vehicle on your time and on your budget.

We take great pride and care deeply about the workmanship and products we provide. Quality, attention to detail, respect and honest business practices are at the core of everything we do!


Two givens for every vehicle, new or old that every owner will have to address sooner or later. One of which can be a conveniently planned automotive maintenance service, the other a completely unplanned emergency car repair.

Automotive maintenance encompasses a broad range of regular scheduled preventative measures, when performed as required, help reduce the likelihood of premature part failure or complete system failure.

This means less stress, time and money for you.

Parts and components can and do regularly fail and break down completely, and no amount of maintenance can prevent it. Addressing car repair issues promptly will reduce the likelihood of the failed part or component from further damaging other systems in your car.

We can provide the experience, expertise, knowledge and attention to detail to get any job done, whether your vehicle is brand new or decades old. 

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